Having Opinions

People love to have opinions. I know, because I love to have them too. And I think…no, I know….that I’ve been guilty of having absurd and unfair opinions before. To those on the receiving end of said opinions, I apologise profusely.

Because since my break up, I’ve been on the end of some pretty ridiculous opinions myself. See, it turns out that when you tell people your marriage is over, there is no appropriate response or opinion to have.

“Oh I’m sorry.” Don’t be sorry, I am not. Why are you sorry? Because I finally got a back bone and did what I had wanted to do for so long?

“Oh, you’re much better off.” Really? How do you  know? Do you have a crystal ball to see how things are going to be? Are you going to worry about my rent and car payments?

“Divorce would never be an option for me.” I honestly hope it is never something you even have to consider. I didn’t think it was an option for me either, until it was my only option other than a lifetime of unhappiness and wondering what if.

“Well it was a long time coming, wasn’t it?” *Blink*

So you get through the initial pain of dealing with the responses to your separation, only to get more opinions on when you should start dating again, and who you should date, and where you should meet these dates, and how soon is too soon to have sex with someone who is not your husband.

“Oh you’re on TINDER?!?! Isn’t that just a booty call site? Isn’t it too soon for that?”

“Oh you’re dating someone? He makes you happy? Isn’t it too soon for that?”

I pretty quickly came to the realisation that there are some people who are jealous because you’re no longer as miserable as them. And unfortunately, when you make the decision to put your  happiness first, and to no longer be bound by the fear of the unknown, not everyone is thrilled for you or overly supportive. Fortunately for me, I could acknowledge that was on them, not me. It was a reflection of how they felt about their situations, not mine.

Now, almost a year later, I no longer let others’ opinions of what I choose to do with my life affect me. Be happy for me and follow me on this wayward journey or don’t. The choice is yours.


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